The Lime Canary specializes in utilizing the world's largest eCommerce platforms to sell your products!  We focus on bundling a wide variety of products together into sets that customers love.

Our product distribution company is not only effective and fast at selling merchandise, but also easy to work with!   The Lime Canary will purchase your products in bulk, market these items to consumers, and sell your products to our large customer base.

We look forward to working with your company and take pride in the relationships we establish with our suppliers. Contact us at or feel free to call at 417-501-6006.

Meet The Team

Mandie Funk

Founder and CEO

Angela Anfone

Virtual Assistant

Maria McArdle

Inventory Preparation Specialist and  Supplies Manager

Arianne  Teodoro

Operations Manager and Lead Shipping Specialist

Reagan Witt

Inventory Preparation Specialist and Warehouse/Office Coordinator


the lime canary?

Canaries used to be taken into mines because of their sensitivities. If toxins started to pollute the air, canaries would stop singing, alerting the miners to danger they couldn’t see.  “I believe that when the science is in, we will see that people with autism are ‘canaries in the coal mine,’ the most susceptible, who are affected first by problems that may eventually reach us all.”–by Martha Herbert, MD, PhD

Green canaries are rare, unique, and special birds.  The Lime Canary is a unique business with very special goals that are near and dear to our hearts.  My husband, Brandon, and I have a mission to adopt a child and are confident the profits from our business will help us do just that when the time is right.

When I started The Lime Canary in 2016, my goal was to help fund many additional expenses involved with having amazing children with special needs, including autism and lyme disease.  My children have come such a long way in their struggles, thanks to many natural protocols, supplements, special diets and lots of prayer!  I am passionate about utilizing the business to not only help my immediate family, but also bless my employees to become financially stable.  I have a goal live debt free and help as many other people do the same along the way.  I like to "get it right" and am just a little obsessed with happy customers that love their high quality products, including my own personal private label brands.   I love to see my suppliers happy as well as  my team aids in bundling and dispersing amazing products world wide!  ~Mandie



We are a close knit team of ladies that are passionate about working together to create a positive environment of synergy, shipping high quality products to our customers with speed and accuracy.  We strive to show Christ-like characteristics in our daily tasks, displaying joy, patience, generosity, helpfulness and thoughtfulness.

Several women on our team love to sing, and are appropriately known as the Singing Canaries!  They start their shifts with a prayer over the business and fill the warehouse with praise and worship songs. 

Our trustworthy, hardworking team works hard on achieving productivity with a purpose. 

© 2016 Copyright The Lime Canary
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